Athens, Greece, stretches the length and width of the Mediterranean Sea in the form of impressive islands. Each island with their own personality and charm. And of course, with each island comes exceptional beaches all of which deserve to be visited.

With its exceptional coast line and sprawling islands a trip to the mainland or any one of its multiple island, Greece has many beaches to choose from and will most certainly not disappoint, there is definitely more then one reason keep returning to Greece.

Here we have listed our  Top Beaches of Greece.

Myrtos Beach (Cephalonia):

If you are looking for a family friendly get away then this is your beach. This island is famous for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters. and with its semi-circle beach surrounded by white cliffs full of dense vegetation and ample places to climb you wont run out of places to explore. Wanting to relax on the beach?  There are many amenities to help you enjoy you down time  such as hammocks, umbrellas, and much more.

Beach of Mavros Gialos (Chios):

This beach is the best for nature lovers. Its sand is black and rocky, reminiscent of the volcanic past of this area and creates a unique experience. The landscape of Mavros Gialos is incredible. That is why it is one of the most appreciated by those who seek a haven of peace where the natural environment has been respected.

Paradise Beach (Mykonos):

Paradise Beach is the best beaches in Greece for party goers. The famous Paradise Beach, come nightfall, transform into a vibrant club scene. Dancers, pools, restaurant, and bar right on the beach, what more could you ask for to end the day among friends! Without a doubt, this is the place for those who want to see the sunrise to the rhythm of the music.

Kolibithra Beach (Tinos):

This one is the best beaches in Greece for fans of water sports. This beach has a surf school and is situated  in one of the best  and that’s where the best waves of the Cyclades break. This makes it the ideal corner of the Greece islands for those who are looking for a place to bring their board along and practice their favorite sport.

Voutoumi Beach (Paxos):

Voutoumi Beach is the best beach in Greece to swim. High cliffs protect this beautiful beach that attracts many visitors every year. No one can resist its turquoise waters. On the coast, there is beautiful shallow waters perfect for children and adults to put their fins and discover the seabed of Greece.