Your wedding day. At some point in our lives, most of us picture how that day will play out. For some of us, it’s that fairytale wedding with a large gathering. For others, it’s an intimate ceremony on a much smaller scale, surrounded by the few that know and love us so well.

Intimate weddings and elopements are my favorite weddings to shoot. It’s not just the fact that I had one myself, but three things come to mind when I think about elopement weddings. I love how intimate, special, and private these events are. I see the closest and most important friends and family in attendance. The comfort that the hosts and the guests have with one another is palpable. I find that both the bride and the groom are especially at ease and are able to move more freely and enjoy their special day. I am able to focus on all the small details that the newlyweds discussed with me prior to their special day. When everybody knows that all the details will be covered, it makes for a very special occasion.

Another thing that draws me to and inspires me about intimate weddings and elopements are the many meaningful and exquisite venues available in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. From personal backyard weddings, to the National Portraiture Museum, Library Of Congress and Lincoln Memorial. There is so much character and scenery in these surroundings, that they really do almost become an extra guest at your event.

Lastly, the affordability of events like these are what make them practical too. With an intimate wedding or elopement a petite budget can make a big impact. What you get for your investment on your amazing day is second to none, and allows you to continue planning your future without regret of over indulgence. It allows you to spend money on the details you really want such as your dream dress, an eye-catching bouquet, heirloom level photography or even an exotic honeymoon.  With different options in terms of coverage on your special day, there is something for everybody. Money will not be a deciding factor while you allow us to create an heirloom for generations to see.

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