As social media gained more and more popularity and became an integral part of our lives, so has the demand for high quality pictures. Family pictures are no exception to this. An increasing number of families want to capture their special moments in the best way possible. Professional family photography is without a doubt one of the best alternatives to accomplish exactly that.


Unfortunately, finding a good family photographer in small cities such as Oahu can be quite a task, because of the lack of options and accessible customer reviews (which is the case a of a big city) that would certainly make the search easier.


With the above in mind, we compiled a list of useful tips that will help you select the best Oahu family photographer for your needs:


Decide how much you are willing to spend


The first step toward finding the ideal Oahu family photographer for you is defining the budget you can allow yourself to spend. This is very important because some photographers might charge fees that are completely outside of your financial possibilities.
For example, Chelsie Thompson Photography, a good family photographer in Oahu, might charge different prices than another photographer such as Storm Pierre Photography for the specific job you have in mind.


Ask to see their portfolios


Once you have decided on a budget and selected a few photographers whose prices fall within that budget, you should request a few samples of previous projects to each of them. You probably have something specific in mind for your family pictures, in terms of style, tone and evoked emotion.

Taking a look at previous pictures shot by each of the selected photographers will give you a pretty good idea about the type of work they do or are good at, and if it matches what you have in mind. For example, LC Photography’s portfolio shows a lot of great pictures taken outdoors in natural settings.
So if you are looking for outdoorsy pictures, this family photographer would be a good alternative to consider.


Don’t settle for part-time photographers


When you begin your search for an Oahu family photographer, it is very likely that you will step into many semiprofessional or part time photographers.
The harsh reality for small city photographers is that the lack of customers force many of those that haven’t made a name of themselves yet to work part time in photography, while working a regular day job (usually not related to photography) the rest of the time.
With this in mind, it is in your best interest to filter out part-time photographers and only hire those that are working full-time on the job.

The reasoning for this is simple: if you are already willing to spend money on family photography, it would be a better idea to pay someone who devotes his or her entire time to the craft, and benefit from the experience and professionalism that a part time photographer might not have.