If you are looking for a fitness class that combines different disciplines to work each part of your body without sacrificing many hours a day, you should try the barre method.


But what are the advantages of practicing Barre Fitness?

Many of them will surprise you:

  • You do not have to be in excellent physical form to start practicing it and ballet experience is not necessary.
  • The whole body is used and is a great workout for sculpting and toning .
  • The secret of its success lies in combining excellent muscle toning with an effective calorie burn that eliminates more fat. The fat “disappears” so that your muscles arise with greater definition.
  • Working the correct alignment of the body in each of the exercises included in Barre Fitness training will you gain you flexibility and balance. In addition, that good posture is very beneficial day in and day out. In this sense, this technique helps prevent possible injuries that are linked to poor postures at work or during any activity.

What is a Barre workout routine like?

Barre Fitness training includes many varied exercises. Some are performed on the floor and others are done standing with the ballet bar as a point of support. All muscle groups are generally worked using only the body itself as an element of resistance, only using lightweight dumbbells and small balls for very specific exercises. Although the cardio movements included are of low impact, the barre fitness increases your heart rate. The result is an optimal toning that results in a smooth abdomen and arms and legs firm and well contoured.

In general, the session starts with floor exercises and without a bar. To the rhythm of the music, a general warm-up is performed that includes stretching and soft cardio. The second part, the most intense of the fitness sweeps is done using the bar as a point of support. Elevations of arms, extensions of lateral and frontal legs, lateral gyrations of hip, and inflections of trunk forwards and backward are some of the fundamental exercises that are part of the training of any ballet dancer and that are present in Barre fitness.

Barre is an extremely effective full body workout. If you think it will not work because you are used to more lively routines, you will be surprised to learn that this method combines the strengthening of muscles with cardio. You burn fat and muscle at the same time!

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